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  Famous painter zhongboyou"Chinese mythology" and "huaxia yuan" large ink painting group painting original completion.


  画家仲泊游 Painter zhongboyou




  Recently, the journalist came to the studio of the famous painter zhongboyou in Beijing, and saw the series of "Chinese mythology" and "huaxia yuan".

  The new works are created in black and white, and the work gives people a sense of mystery and mystery. The author grew up with Chinese mythology and classical historical stories (comic books and children's books). Childhood memories can affect adult memories and creative inspirations, and the urge to explore the source and roots of the Chinese summer is generated.

  Chinese mythology is the seed of Chinese national culture spirit and roots, such as the vitality of the primitive magic out tao, the Yellow River surges of water, conveys a feeling of all people and forms of the supernatural.


  《华夏源 1/2》 《huaxia yuan 1/2》


  《华夏源 1/2》 《huaxia yuan 1/2》


  The fairy tale is the embodiment of the great creativity and profound wisdom of our ancestors, and shows the dream of national spirit with broad mind. Chinese mythology is the legend of ancient primitive myths, magic sorcery, writing, mysterious cultural belief, is our present infinite wisdom treasure. Therefore, the Chinese people are looking for the origin of the ancient Chinese nation.


  盘古开天地 Pangu


  女娲补天 The hand that mends


  后羿射日 After yi shoot day


  The pangu separated heaven and earth, ancient times chaotic, heaven and earth have not formed, gave birth to the human ancestor pangu in round the chaos in eighteen thousand, finally hatched, with their huge appeared chaos, divided into QingZhuo and heaven and earth, at the beginning of the symbol of human conquest of nature's great creativity.


  夸父追日 Quafoo chasing after the sun


  精卫填海 Jingwei reclamation


  嫦娥奔月 Chang e


  The hand that mends the legend, the initial heaven and earth, the disaster came, nuwa with practice of five-color stones to heaven loophole, supporting the four pillars of heaven into the disaster and destroy the monster, the earth to grow plants, nuwa not only make the people, also to save the human from the natural disasters.


  It reflects the spirit of the rising of the Chinese nation from dayu. From chang 'e to the moon to show the great dream of the Chinese descendants; From the two emperors of yan and huang, they have witnessed the unyielding spirit of the Chinese people. From the perspective of fuxi, Yin and Yang of the stars in the sky explained the innovation and wisdom of Chinese people. The author learns from the myth to create Chinese mythology.


  黄帝 The yellow emperor


  炎帝 Yan di


  神农尝百草 Shennong tastes the grass


  “Chinese mythology” series of paintings (1.25×2.5 meters) “the source of an ancient name for China” big eight league draw (5×2.5 meters)creation began in June 2017 to February 2017, the series is given priority to with paper and ink, foil the illusory mysterious black and white space, the author in the form of modern creative thinking with imagery, with vivid ink expresses the ancient myths, writing out the roots of ancient and contemporary searches for the picture.


  伏羲八卦 The Fu gossip


  仓颉造字 Changjie make a word


  大禹治水 Dayu water conservancy



  The author gets the inspiration for artistic creation from mythology, and dares to shake off the traditional thinking of traditional Chinese painting. The plane abstract composition is combined with the beauty of pen and ink. To make the picture more modern aesthetic desire, Oriental art exquisite is the principle of "white guarding black" Yin and Yang. The picture USES only the simple element of black and white to make the picture more vivid, more the beauty of Yin and Yang.

  The author, in the form of composition and space, integrates abstract and image-oriented elements into the multi-dimensional space-time expression of the new ink painting. The abstract beauty of the calligraphy line has a strong visual sense to push the ink painting to the Oriental modern art, which can enrich the viewer's sense of touch and illusion. Let the viewer take the emotion with the new vision to explore the overall connotation of the picture, thus the spiritual sublimation. (word/Ren Ke)

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